In addition to enduring two months without pay, he resorted to sleeping and residing within the school premises where he taught. The significant distance between the school and his home rendered commuting unfeasible. Struggling with the absence of his salary, he couldn’t afford accommodation closer to the school, leading him to spend nights in his classroom.

Upon learning about Bruno’s plight, the students in Building #1 empathized with his situation and decided to express their gratitude and support. Pooling their own resources, they raised $400, presenting it to him as a heartfelt gesture of appreciation.

Unaware of what awaited him inside the box placed on his desk, Bruno was taken aback by the unexpected surprise. Overwhelmed with emotions, he was moved to tears and exclaimed, “How can you do this?!” The touching scene captured on video depicted Bruno’s profound shock and emotional release, as the students rushed to embrace and console him

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