In Brazil, construction workers were left in shock when they discovered a massive anaconda measuring 33 feet long and weighing 63 stone at a building site in Para.

The serpent was discovered during a controlled explosion at the Cave of Altamira.

One of the workers captured footage of the anaconda’s size, which had a circumference of one meter, leaving people stunned as such enormous creatures are rarely found.

It was an unusual sighting as most snakes in this region do not typically reach such sizes.

The workers had no other option but to use a crane to tether the massive snake, named Medusa, which measured 25 feet and 2 inches long from Kansas City.

When the snake was lifted, it revealed its yellow-speckled belly, leaving viewers with mixed reactions after the video was uploaded to YouTube.

According to Guinness World Records, Medusa is currently the world’s longest snake in captivity.

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