I’ve never been to a talent show before, so I can only imagine the nerves and anxiety one would have before going on stage.

It only exacerbates when this talent show airs on TV; When she not only sings/dances/performs to impress judges and audiences, but also onlookers in homes across the country.

In The Voice UK: Blind Auditions, judges base their decisions entirely on someone’s voice – their chairs are turned so they can’t see who they’re looking at, eliminating any bias or prejudice based on appearance. It’s hard work for, Jennifer Hudson, Olly Morse and Sir Tom Jones, but the idea offers a refreshing reflection on an industry that’s once been criticized for being too concerned with looks.

If they convince the judges to push the button and flip their chairs, the contestants will have a chance to talk a bit about themselves and have a conversation once they stop singing. That’s exactly what happened when young singer and actress Bethzina Williams performed her performance “Cry for Me” by Solomon Burke.

It was Tom Jones who was most interested in Williams, mostly wondering how this particular song was known. When she told him it was because of his love of dirty dancing, he admitted he also had some affinity for the track.

That’s all it took for the expected train to leave the station. Once Jones admitted to singing the song that same summer (last year), did people start inviting him to join Williams on stage and perform an impromptu duet.

Never letting a crowd down, Jones, famous for hits like “What’s New Pussycat,” “Sex Bomb” and “She’s a Lady,” grabbed a microphone and started singing.

For Williams, it was to be a dream come true…a music scene legend stands before her on stage and sings one of her favorite songs. Also, instead of letting the moment overwhelm her, Williams played her role perfectly, leaving the audience with a spectacle worthy of enthusiastic cheers and applause.

We are so happy that Williams was able to achieve what was supposed to be a dream for her! Meanwhile, Tom Jones once again proves himself to be a living legend.

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