A mother has no more pain than losing her child. But in a rather unusual case, the mother experienced the exact opposite – she felt what happiness looks like when you pick up your “lost” child.

In 1949, the world was completely different from today. A young woman named Genevieve Burnton was 18 when she gave birth to her first child.

The joy of childbirth quickly turned to sadness, as she heard words that no mother would love to hear. She gave birth to a baby girl and soon after she asked the nurses to show her her baby. Genevieve’s world fell apart when they said the baby was born dead.

It had a huge impact on Genevieve throughout her life, and she eventually found herself alone in a nursing home in Tampa after 69 years.

Across the country there was a woman named Connie Moltrup, who appreciated the love of her foster family, but felt a great void from her past. For many years now she has wondered who her birth parents are, and these days the truth has finally been revealed.

Using DNA testing and analysis, she came to the conclusion that her mother was Genevieve Burnton. The only 88-year-old Geneviève from the retirement home was about to experience one of the most beautiful moments of her life!

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