Shelter staff were moved to tears as Jayne emerged from her car, introducing herself to Cosmo in the dog yard. Armed with a small green alligator toy for her newfound companion, Jayne approached Cosmo with tenderness and affection.

As she sweet-talked the dog, he nestled in her lap, joyfully wagging his tail in response to the attention. From the outset, it was evident that Jayne was destined to be Cosmo’s new owner.

Assisted by her sister, Maggie, the two women packed up the Saint and embarked on the long journey back to New York. While Cosmo initially hesitated in the car, clearly a novel experience for him, he soon became a cooperative travel companion.

Upon reaching Jayne’s home, the sizable pup encountered a host of new adventures. Meeting the family, including the couple’s children, two other dogs (Poppy and Grendel), and household rabbits, Cosmo embraced a world of exciting experiences.

One of the most thrilling moments was transitioning into an actual home, a stark contrast to Jayne’s suspicion that Cosmo had previously lived outdoors with his former owner.

“It’s heartening to see him in a spacious area, stretching out and resting his belly on a cool floor, knowing he’s finally settling in a place where he can feel joy and comfort,” Jayne shared with The Dodo

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